October 2016 - 20/20 NDT Technology

Electromagnetic Testing Inspections

Testing Hinton

Learn more about electromagnetic testing inspections including their applications, benefits and how they work.   What is an electromagnetic testing inspection? An electromagnetic testing inspection is a form of NDT/NDE inspection with a wide range of applications. From boilers, storage tanks and heat exchangers to building or pipeline inspection, electromagnetic testing can detect even the…

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Erosion Survey by 20/20 NDT Combines Radiographic & Ultrasonic Testing


Our process of conducting an erosion survey combines Shadow Shot Radio and Ultrasonic Testing (UT). Using both methods allow us to inspect 17” of pipe at a time.   20/20 NDT’s process of conducting an erosion survey uses a combined method of Shadow Shot Radiographic and Ultrasonic Testing (UT). Ultrasonic thickness readings alone only cover…

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