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Pipeline Specialists in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) in Alberta, BC, Grande Prairie, Fort St. John, Dawson Creek, Peace River and Western Canada

Welcome to 20/20 NDT Inc.! We serve all of Western Canada as an NDT company, or, the non-invasive testing of pipelines and structures. Whether you need non-destructive testing (NDT) in BC, Grande Prairie, Fort St. John, Peace River or Dawson Creek, we’ll come to you.

We are governed by two partners who offer you the quality control of a multi-national company combined with the production and customer service of a small-scale establishment. Protect your pipeline or other structure with our excellent services.

20/20 NDT Welding Inspection of Fabrication out Near Fort St. John, BC
20/20 NDT Technician Visual Inspection of Fabrication Welding in Grande Prairie

When your employees safety or your company work flow depends on your physical structures, you can’t afford to have a little leak or ignore a problem. 20/20 NDT Inc. provides quick, on-site evaluations and excellent communication and reports, so you can stop emergency repairs before they happen.

Our technicians are highly-trained professionals who never stop learning about non-destructive testing in Grande Prairie. Each staff member is audited regularly to ensure we exceed code and are up to industry standard. Our technicians explain what they find on your site and make sure you understand what you can do to maximize production.

What is Non-Destructive Testing?

20/20 NDT Inc. is a specialized industrial radiography company. What we do is just like going to the doctor’s office for an x-ray. We x-ray your structures and pipelines out in the oil field or elsewhere to ensure you don’t have any imperfections that could cause a problem.

Our NDE, or non-destructive examination, works for many industries. Everything from the internal structure of a high-rise building to the wings on an airplane can be closely inspected without removing so much as a screw. Even the Toronto landmark, The CN Tower, has undergone this type of testing.

The Ultimate in Safety

Ensure that your structures are safe without having to stop production. Avoid progress-halting problems. Comply with regulations, and increase your efficiency. You can do all this with non-destructive testing.

20/20 NDT Inspectors Drive in All Kinds of Conditions for Pipeline Inspections