Careers in Non-Destructive Testing at 20/20

Sub-contractor NDT Owner/Operator

20/20 NDT is actively accepting owner/operator candidates.  We can offer the opportunity to operate under our ABSA approved NDT procedures, electronic reporting and invoicing, Industrial Radiography License, Orientated and Certified Exposure Device Operators, COR safety program, ISNetworld, PICS, CanQual, Complyworks, and dispatch center. Contact us by email or call if you are interested in what 20/20 offers owner operators.

Trainee (Exposure Device Operator)

The entry-level position in this industry is a trainee. The trainee will assist the CEDO in the process of taking exposures (pictures) of welds with the radiographic exposure device.
After a 3-month probation period, all employees are entitled to our benefits package and various overtime pay perks. Also after the first 3 months of work, the trainee will be eligible for the next available 5-day course in radiation safety and write a government exam. A minimal grade of 75% or higher is necessary in order to become a CEDO thus moving to the next position and pay grade. The entire process should be completed within a few months.

CEDO (Certified Exposure Device Operator)

The CEDO uses the radioactive exposure device to take an exposure (picture) of the weld and assist the Level II with the operation of the entire process. It takes experience to be able to produce the “perfect” exposure and become an instrumental part of the team.
Once a person achieves the CEDO certification they will be eligible to begin operating the darkroom. Learning to develop film and interpret welds as a Level II trainee. This will prepare people to begin the next position. Level II.
The type of people who will last as a trainee to become CEDOs must be performance-driven. The work will be fast-paced at times. This is a job for someone who is driven by personal growth, progress and achievement. Not just to turn a dollar.
For more information, please consult our CEDO Certification Guide.

Level II Radiographer

Working as a CEDO, employees will begin on-the-job training to develop the necessary skills to achieve what is known in the industry as a Level II certification. Level IIs develop the radiographs (result of the exposure or picture) and interpret them in order to locate defects of the object in question (welds). Training consists of a 3-week course and government exam followed by 2-day workshop and a 2-day practical exam. A grade of 75% or higher is necessary to pass.
For more information on career opportunities, please email us directly at as we do NOT accept career inquires over the phone. If this is a career path that you would be interested in, please reply by email ASAP in order to set up an interview.
If this is a career path that you are interested in, but 20/20 does not appear to be a company you would be interested in being a part of, we would appreciate your feedback. Please email with your concerns.