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Grande Prairie Non-Destructive Testing on Insulated Pipelines

Testing Grande Prairie Applications

Non-Destructive Testing on Insulated Pipelines and Other Materials As the global economy continues to expand and become increasingly competitive, non-destructive testing (NDT) must also advance to ensure businesses are able to remain operational and effective at all times. Equipment failures and downtime can result in massive costs for a company, which could set them so…

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How to Detect Weld Failures With Non-Destructive Testing

Testing NDE Applications

Weld Failures: What Causes Faults and How to Detect Them With Non-Destructive Testing Whether you realize it or not, your business or industry is supported somewhere by materials that have been welded together. Welding has existed since the Bronze Age, creating billions of tools and structures for individuals over thousands of years. Welding technology has…

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