Community Involvement and Aboriginal Groups

2020 NDT Inc. is committed to:

  • Working with local communities and Aboriginal groups to review the impact of our operations
  • Hiring and training experienced local talent to support our services
  • Being involved in business associations and community organizations

Working with Communities
2020 NDT Inc. is committed to being a good neighbour to local communities. Our open-door policy means that if communities have any questions or suggestions, they can contact us anytime. Presently, we are active members of the Grand Prairie Chamber of Commerce as well as several industry specific safety associations.

Working with Aboriginal Communities
2020 NDT Inc. has a good relationship with many native communities and we value those relationships. We consult with community leaders on projects to assess impact. We hire experienced local talent and extensively train them on our services and safety, as well as work with local contractors to improve work site operations; we also train their personnel on site.

We look for opportunities to work as partners with Aboriginal communities for various projects. We are very interested in furthering our relationships, both personal and professional, with the Aboriginal people. We work to build positive and productive relationships with various organizations within the community in an effort to give back to the communities in which we work.

Working with Aboriginal Businesses
When we are co-awarded a contract with an Aboriginal business, we do our best to ensure a fair and responsible project partnership. We offer a learning environment where we may share our expertise with our partners, and encourage our project partners to do the same.

Employment and Training We create jobs in the community by hiring experienced local personnel. We contact hiring agencies in the area and keep a database of resumes on hand.

All of our personnel receive extensive training on our services and safety, which provides 2020 NDT Inc.with the best staff and enhances the skill set of the citizens within the community. As well, we work with local contractors to enhance work site operations and will train their personnel on site.

Involve Us
We are interested in becoming more involved in our local communities, through:

  • Our services
  • Business associations
  • Educational or social activities
  • Donations

If you have an opportunity for us to become involved, please contact us 1-866-930-6220