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Electromagnetic Testing Inspections

Learn more about electromagnetic testing inspections including their applications, benefits and how they work.


What is an electromagnetic testing inspection?

An electromagnetic testing inspection is a form of NDT/NDE inspection with a wide range of applications. From boilers, storage tanks and heat exchangers to building or pipeline inspection, electromagnetic testing can detect even the smallest defects. If you need NDT inspection in Hinton or anywhere else in Alberta, electromagnetic testing can help you identify potential problems and avoid disaster. Keep reading to learn more.

How does it work?

Electromagnetic testing is just one technique that can be used to inspect the integrity of a pipeline. It provides a quick, accurate measure of both the internal and external condition of a structure. With the use of electric currents and/or magnetic fields, electromagnetic testing allows NDT companies to observe and measure the electromagnetic response of a test object. This response can then tell us if defects such as corrosion, pitting, wall loss, erosion or cracking pose a threat to your pipeline.
There are a number of different electromagnetic tests used to perform pipeline inspections including:
  • Remote field testing (RFT)—Used for both interior and exterior steel pipeline inspection.
  • Magnetic flux leakage testing (MFL)—Used for large diameter steel pipe inspection.
  • Magnetic particle inspection (MPI)—Detects cracks in the surface of metal-based pipeline.
  • Eddy-current testing (ECT)—Detects surface cracks and corrosion in metal and non-metal pipes and structures.
  • Pulsed eddy-current (PECT)—Used to detect large-volume metal loss in steel objects.
Eddy-current testing is the most commonly used form of electromagnetic testing. Using a specialized coil to generate a magnetic field to interact with the test object, the variations in the eddy current are measured to allow defects in the test object to be detected.

What are the benefits of electromagnetic NDT?

NDT inspection is essential for ensuring the safety and productivity of pipelines operating in Hinton and elsewhere in Alberta. As part of regular pipeline maintenance, NDT companies like 20/20 NDT can help you prolong the life of your pipes, avoid service interruptions and minimize the risk of ecological disasters. Electromagnetic testing inspections are efficient, non-intrusive tests with a number of advantages:
  • No contact with test object is required
  • Can penetrate external coatings
  • Can detect both internal and external defects
  • Can detect very small cracks
  • Able to inspect inaccessible structures
  • Test result data can be stored
  • Measurable and immediate results
  • Portable
Proactively monitoring pipeline condition using NDE inspection will help to protect your investment, your employees and Mother Nature. If you would like to learn more about how to keep your pipeline healthy with electromagnetic testing or another type of NDT inspection, contact 20/20 NDT without delay. We’re your Canadian NDT company.