Testing Valleyview

Find Some Peace of Mind with Non-Destructive Testing in Valleyview

If you own or manage a business based out of Valleyview, you already know how beautiful Northern Alberta is. The Portal to the Peace is also a portal to vast business opportunities, with many industries utilizing this area as a base for operations. Oil, gas, forestry, mining; whatever industry you work in, your business depends on your machinery and equipment operating efficiently day after day without any major breakdowns.

When your infrastructure is stable and production is high, everyone is happy. Less breakdowns, higher output, higher profits- this is when you can soak in all the pleasantries that come with Northern Alberta. Perhaps on your day off you can head over to Sturgeon Lake and do a little boating and fishing. Would you be confident enough to take off more than a day? Perhaps you could take a week off for a family vacation.

As you bob up and down in your fishing boat, the nagging voice from work returns in the back of your mind.

When does that older pipeline need to be replaced? Was the new section installed correctly? Has any pitting occurred anywhere in the system over the years?

If you don’t have up to date information on your infrastructure, relaxation may not be in the forecast for your days off. A small weld failure can lead to thousands of dollars in damages within minutes, millions of dollars in costs if the issue is prolonged. Pressure cracks that finally give way could be life threatening to your employee who is working nearby. You could lose a crucial customer if you can’t meet their demand as your maintenance team struggles to find an mysterious internal issue.

Luckily, disasters like these can easily be mitigated and avoided with regular preventative maintenance, supplemented by non-destructive testing (NDT) methods.

20/20 NDT Inc. has a full non-destructive testing team in place to service Valleyview and the surrounding area. Our team will travel to your worksite to conduct any non-destructive testing you may require, which is completed without compromising any of your equipment and does not require your business to stop production.

Through the use of magnetic particle inspection, radiographic imaging and ultrasonic testing, 20/20 NDT Inc is able to thoroughly inspect any structure, piece of equipment, machinery or pipelines you have on site, determining the structural integrity inside and out. By utilizing these technologies, we will be able to provide you with indepth information immediately, which can help prevent a major operational failure before it happens with a simple repair.

Non-destructive testing is quick, efficient and cost effective. When you are confident in the state of your operations and infrastructure, you can start relaxing once again. An informed business owner or manager focuses their efforts on continued growth and profits instead of worrying about when the next breakdown might occur.

Reach out to our team at 20/20 NDT Inc today for Non-Destructive Testing in Valleyview. We serve Northern British Columbia and Alberta. Click to call us at 1-866-930-6220