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Are you looking for an NDT or X-ray inspection provider who can get to your British Columbia location fast? Let us help with our broad range of non-destructive testing services for your industrial installations.

With our full list of NDT services, including magnetic particle testing, ultrasonic testing and X-ray, we are the go-to resource for many industries and worksites. Because Fort Nelson is an industrial hub and business centre serving much of the Greater Sierra oil and gas field, we have developed a specialty in X-ray inspections at this location for resource extraction companies, including petrochemical and forestry, as well as agriculture.

The Benefits of These Methods

Why call our mobile X-ray unit or use our other NDT technologies in your Fort Nelson operations? Here are a few reasons:
  • We can take exposures and examine assembled components without taking them apart.
  • Little surface preparation is required to take an exposure.
  • Radiography can help you identify even subsurface fabrication defects inside vessels, structures and pipes.
  • We can examine complex structures in order to identify weld defects.
  • It allows us to inspect internal fabrication components and welds.
  • We can automatically detect and measure internal flaws.
  • It’s possible to measure the dimensions of your piece without having to section it.
  • We can differentiate ranges in thickness, corrosion, flaws and material density.

Prevent Problems with Industrial NDT

  • Blowouts can be caused by porous weld joints or incomplete fusion.
  • Defective fabrications are critical to avoid in the joining of high-pressure pipes for pipelines.
  • Imperfect welds are disastrous in high-capacity containers for storing solids and semi-solids.
  • Pitting and cracking can compromise your weld.
  • Burn-through caused by welding makes for unsound structures.

In other words, you count on all pipelines and structures to remain flawlessly intact at all times, any breakdown in piping could cost your company valuable time and resources. Because even minor disruptions to service could have negative consequences, it’s ideal to have regular pipeline verifications that will let you know if any of your pipes are experiencing or heading towards wall loss, pitting, pinholes or cracks.

That’s where 20/20 NDT Inc. can be of service to you. Our experienced technicians will take an X-ray of your piping and give you the information you need to be able to make smart decisions about pipeline repairs or replacement while avoiding disturbances to the site. It also serves as a lasting record of a pipe’s condition on the date it was taken.

You don’t have to make guesses about the condition of your piping or internal structures. 20/20 NDT Inc’s radiography examinations give you a leg up by getting you clear visual data that allows you to respond where and when needed.

To learn more about how an NDT inspection can benefit your operations, contact us. If a unit is unavailable at Fort Nelson, then we will dispatch a team of technicians from our Grande Prairie location.

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