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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s especially true when it comes to determining the condition of the pipeline or other internal structures on your Fox Creek worksite. 20/20 NDT Inc. gets its name from the specialized service we provide: non-destructive testing.

Our expertise includes X-ray inspections, magnetic particle testing and ultrasonic examinations. Oil industry professionals depend on the NDT test results we provide because our pictures show areas of pipe weakness or other structural compromises in pipeline fabrication that may lead to breakage, loss of resources, loss of time and even loss of business if not dealt with promptly.

Fox Creek is the local headquarters to more than one oil-well company and gas processing plant. We promise fast service and fast results because we know your operation is running for expediency and profits. Nobody wants a production shutdown because of a pipe blowout or leaking holding tank; our X-ray units are your best resource for quality assurance and troubleshooting for the welded joints in your fabricated structures.

How NDT Can Help You Maximize Production

Our technicians are trained to set up non-invasive diagnostic testing for structures of simple or complex dimensions, flat walls, curved storage containers for liquids or solids, pipes and many other shapes and materials.

Our expertise and service flexibility mean that if there’s a problem with something in your industrial process, you don’t have to stop production twice: once to find the problem and the second time to repair it. That saves you from costly equipment shut-downs and pay-outs for labourers and specialists who have to wait while you find out what’s wrong.

When we’re called in at a pipeline operation, our mobile unit of industrial technicians will promptly begin the inspection process:

  • We do a visual inspection of the weld or of the structure to be tested.
  • We check for the presence of hidden components.
  • We calculate the optimal positioning for the NDT equipment and imaging process.
  • We develop expert-quality hard-copy X-ray images for your files, on site, when requested.
  • We use real-time displays to examine the material for defects and flawed welds.
  • We identify cracks, voids, pitting, porous welds or incomplete fusions.
  • We verify weld integrity.

Budget Savings

With industrial X-ray inspections, industry managers can make wise financial decisions about where and when to allocate funds for repairs or piping upgrades.

We partner with you to get you the data that’s necessary to succeed in your operations. Our goal is to serve you when you need it. If a unit is unavailable in Fox Creek when you call, we will dispatch a team of technicians directly from one our other northern Alberta locations. Contact us to arrange a visit at your worksite.

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