Testing Fox Creek

Non-Destructive Testing and Industrial X-Ray in Fox Creek, Alberta

20/20 NDT Inc. Expands to Fox Creek

Vision and insight are crucial assets that help organizations navigate issues and plan for their future in fiercely competitive industries. A business must be able to fully see and analyze every detail of their operation to ensure it is performing smoothly, constantly scanning for any underlying threats. Often when we physically glance at an object, such as a building or a pipeline, our eyes only have the capacity to identify a fraction of the true structure. 20/20 NDT Inc provides the ability to see past the tip of the iceberg, and into the interior world of a business’s entire infrastructure.

What We Offer

With the opening of our new office in Fox Creek, Alberta, 20/20 NDT Inc will have the opportunity to provide businesses in the surrounding area with these invaluable insights into their operations. 20/20 NDT Inc in Fox Creek offers completely non-destructive testing of pipelines and other structures through the use of specialized industrial radiography equipment operated by highly skilled technicians. 20/20 NDT utilizes magnetic particle testing, ultrasonic examinations and radiographic testing (x-ray inspections) to provide the most useful perception of your infrastructure possible, tailored to the unique requirements of your environment. Essentially, the 20/20 team at Fox Creek has the ability to provide an in-depth overview of your structure, allowing for complete external and internal insight without compromising your materials or wasting any of your valuable time.

How It Works

When you require a pipeline or building to be examined, the 20/20 NDT Inc technicians of Fox Creek will be there promptly and have your results fast. Not only is time money, but an issue on a pipeline (such as an internal pressure crack) can get out of hand quickly and cause massive damages and expenses to your operation. 20/20 NDT also knows that the safety of your employees is crucial, and if there is an problem that could cause them harm, you need to be made aware of this issue immediately.

Once our technician is on sight, they will analyze the situation and your structure to determine the best form of diagnostics. Next they will place the NDT imaging equipment in the ideal location and obtain all the data needed. 20/20 NDT Inc has the ability to provide hardcopy x-rays of still images on site when required, but also can utilize real-time displays to search for defects, voids, flawed welds, cracks etc.

Non-Destructive Testing Saves Your Business Money

A small, seemingly insignificant issue in a piece of machinery or a pipeline can quickly turn into major problem in the future, resulting in massive financial losses. If detected early by NDT, an issue can be repaired swiftly, meaning your business only has to stop production for a brief remedy opposed to many major overhauls down the road. This will also help your business avoid excessive pay-outs for labourers and specialists who will be required when a modest internal issue becomes a large production halting incident.

If a business owner or manager is equipped with the knowledge 20/20 NDT Inc provides, they can make superior decisions when allocating funds for repairs or expansions. Non-destructive testing coupled with proper preventive maintenance will keep your facility running flawlessly, increasing total production and revenues overall. Having an in-depth awareness of your infrastructure can push your business to the next level, providing a competitive advantage over your competitors who are struggling daily with repairs and malfunctions.

Contact our 20/20 NDT Inc team in Fox Creek today to learn more about how we can save your company thousands of dollars in expenses while keeping your team safe and informed. 1-866-930-6220