Testing Fort Nelson

Non-Destructive Testing in Fort Nelson

20/20 NDT Inc X-Ray Inspections Offers Massive Benefits

Fort Nelson is located in an unquestionably beautiful area of British Columbia and has been a hub for the gas and forestry industry for many years. If you are a business operator or manager in the area, you may have noticed less services and amenities available to your business as the turbulence of the natural gas, oil and forestry sectors continues. When you have a problem or want answers in regards to the state of your machinery or pipeline system, you need that crucial information, and fast.

Being somewhat isolated in Northern BC definitely has its advantages, but often, even if you can find the service you require for your business, it may be a few days or even weeks before they can reach your site. As economic conditions tighten, we understand that you don’t have an hour to spare, and you definitely want to avoid a prolonged shut down. This is why we have placed a 20/20 NDT Inc team directly in Fort Nelson, offering a wide range of non-destructive testing methods to provide all the answers you need.


Services Available to You

Whether your business is based right in Fort Nelson, or located in the surrounding area, 20/20 NDT Inc offers a wide range of non-destructive testing methods to suit your specific situation. You may want to find the source of a mechanical issue, or desire to inspect the integrity of a building or pipe system; whatever your need is we have a test that will be quick, efficient, and leave your infrastructure unchanged and producing. Some of the most common services we offer in these situations are ultrasonic testing, radiographic testing (x-ray) and magnetic particle testing. Each of these methods serves a specific purpose and offers unique benefits for any type of resource extraction company in the area of Fort Nelson.


How X-Ray Inspections Can Help Your Business Now 

At our Fort Nelson location, we have focused on our x-ray (radiography) inspection services, here’s why:

  • X-ray inspections can locate major issues such as corrosion or unnatural stoppages extremely quickly.
  • Our tests will create a permanent record of the object or system that was scanned, which your business can utilize for precise record taking that can be referenced at a later time.
  • This testing can provide incredibly detailed insights and imaging which is not available through other forms of inspection, making it ideal when searching for pipe pitting, pinholes and wall loss.
  • X-rays can pass through and test almost any material including a wide range of metals and synthetics such as plastic piping.

At 20/20 NDT Inc, our team prides itself on our fast and reliable testing services. If you are in Fort Nelson or the surrounding area, give yourself an insight into your equipment or pipeline today with the help of our local team.

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