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Nondestructive Examination in Alberta and Western Canada

Why do I need a nondestructive examination?

Nondestructive Examination (NDE) is a process whereby expertly trained technicians evaluate, examine, and report on any imperfections or defects relating to resource extraction frameworks, building structures, pipelines, and equipment non-invasively. This process takes many different forms, and requires proper execution with technology that can find areas of weakness before they become problems or failures. At 20/20 NDT, our mission is to provide our clients with peace of mind through digital reports that contain all the imperative information you need to address and correct any issues that could impact your components and equipment. Even a minor leak in a pipeline can result in massive losses for the business, so finding these weak points or areas of concern allows you to focus on the important aspects of oil and gas field management and oversight. For other industries, NDE will provide a gauge on the wear of your equipment, ensuring your knowledge of when and where failure is likely, as well as your compliance with safety regulations and standards.

The technology employed at 20/20 NDT allows for nondestructive examinations of a range of equipment. Find corrosion, weak fabrication welds, erosion, thinning pipe walls, or other potential risks to your operation. The day after inspection, you will receive a report that clearly identifies progress-halting production issues before they could derail a project or operation. The report will reveal more detailed information about the nature of a defect, such as its size, shape, orientation, and location, providing you the opportunity to correct any problems that have gone unnoticed.

What is nondestructive examination?

It is a way to examine mission critical equipment and structures that play a key role in the daily operations of resource extraction business and industries without damaging or effecting the equipment or structures being analyzed. In order to perform nondestructive examinations, 20/20 NDT uses a combination of x-ray radiation inspection, acoustic analysis, magnetic particle testing, and dye penetration tests. By combining these options together, we are able to provide an easy to understand report with the exact state of your framework and structures, keeping productivity up and costly repairs down. Preventative maintenance will resolve any potential issues the report uncovers, protecting your equipment longer, and keeping the operation ongoing. Pipeline leaks are costly and can result in major losses of product or expensive cleanup procedures. Having your equipment inspected with nondestructive testing techniques will ensure the integrity of structures, pipelines, infrastructure, and other equipment that cannot afford defects. Stay ahead of the problems, and know the current state of all involved components that bear the weight of your industry. Highly-trained professionals will make use of the appropriate equipment to test and examine your assets, providing an essential report for the upkeep and maintenance of your operation.

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