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If you want to make sure that your pipes don’t have flaws, 20/20 NDT Inc. has the ability and the experience to test them for you. One of the methods that we use to assess them is radiographic testing, also known as industrial x-ray inspection.

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What Is Radiographic Testing / Industrial X-Ray Inspection?

This non-destructive testing (NDT) method uses radiation (in the form of photons or neutrons) to look into many kinds of materials, including your pipes. The testing process involves the following steps:

  1. Specialists put the pipe into a container, and then direct the radioactive energy into the container via an x-ray machine or other radioactive source.
  2. The radiation hits the material. Some of the radioactive particles stop, but others pass through the pipe.
  3. Sensors then detect the radiation that comes out the other end of the container, and the amount of radiation tells the specialists about the thickness and the composition of the pipe.
  4. The sensor creates an image called a radiograph that the specialists can easily use to find anomalies and flaws in your pipes.

Radiographic testing quickly identifies problems like blockage and corrosion, including features that are hidden from view for other types of inspections. We offer radiographic testing in Fort St. John, Grande Prairie, Peace River, Dawson Creek and the surrounding areas. Call us to get x-ray inspection throughout British Columbia and Alberta, and we will produce the most accurate readings of piping conditions.

What Are the Benefits of Radiographic Testing and Industrial X-Ray Inspection?

Radiographic testing yields accurate and thorough results, which provide the ultimate damage-control services for your business. Here are some other benefits of choosing industrial x-ray inspection:

  • It can be used on almost any kind of material (not just metal). Radiographic testing in Grande Prairie allows the stream of particles to pass all around and through the material. This will help you find anomalies in any kind of piping product made of metal or plastic.
  • It can detect minute or substantial differences in the pipe’s composition. Providing maximum performance in identifying pipe wall loss, pitting, and pinholes. The particles are so tiny that they can fit into any crack or hole. If there’s a flaw, this test will find it.
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) delivers a full view in areas not detected by other tests.
  • Prevents future problems by providing a permanent record of what it scanned. It creates a negative photograph that gives you a comprehensive, precise report of pipe conditions.
A Common View for X-Ray Inspection in British Columbia and Alberta
20/20 NDT Inspector Developing Film for Radiographic Inspection

Why Choose Industrial X-Ray Inspection and Radiographic Testing with 20/20 NDT Inc.?

Our industrial x-ray inspection in Alberta and British Columbia is accompanied by customized reports that encompass all the data your company needs for field operators, engineers, and other specialists. This allows for quick and all-inclusive services to your pipes to ensure their full functionality. It also prevents costly repairs and maximizes quality production.

Whether you want to correct the flaws in your piping or prevent pipeline failures in the future, 20/20 NDT Inc. will provide the professional services you need and communicate clearly any issues we find. With industrial x-ray inspection, we will identify many problems you won’t be able to locate on your own.

If you need radiographic testing, 20/20 NDT is here to help. We have experienced technicians who provide careful and professional x-ray inspection services to all of our clients in Alberta and British Columbia. Fill out this form or call us at 1-866-930-6220 to learn more today!