Safety Fort St. John

Saving Operations in Fort St. John from Costly Failures

Business in Fort St. John has long been focused on energy, oil, and gas. In order to maintain the processing of these resources, the regular maintenance of machinery and equipment is a must. But how do you prepare for the unfortunate failure of equipment, or a pipe burst? 20/20 NDT can inspect your equipment, or pipelines, using state of the art non-destructive testing (NDT) which can ascertain weak fabrication weld points requiring repair, or determine the remaining longevity of equipment in use. Stay ahead of the competition, maximize return on investment, and keep your operation up and running with as little downtime as possible, with on-site experts from 20/20 NDT.

No matter where your operation runs, our technicians are equipped to inspect, isolate, and report on any and all imperfections of framework structures or equipment used in your operation. By performing NDT on your equipment, you can prepare for failing equipment, make timely repairs, and improve efficiency with our custom electronic reports that provide information that is easy to understand for both field operators and engineers. Reports are generated the following day of an inspection, and will reveal corrosion, hairline cracks, leaks, pitting, sand wash damage, and structural weakness that could be impacting your operation without your knowledge. Worse, if these issues go undetected for any period of time, the total impact can amount to thousands, if not millions of dollars in large-scale operations. Owners and site managers alike stand to benefit from the descriptive process of NDT that can and will prepare you for the otherwise unexpected. We know that a phone call on your off-day explaining a pipe failure or equipment loss can be heart wrenching – avoid these unexpected disturbances with proper NDT inspection that will highlight any areas of concern for your project.

Non-Destructive Testing Operations

So how do our highly-trained professionals perform their inspection and provide you with critical information? Depending on the specific equipment or pipelines, we offer a number of non-destructive tests to find potential failures and weakness before they happen:

  • Radiographic Testing (RT) is best used for pressurized piping, structural welds, high-capacity storage, and many other infrastructures and systems. This will find cracks, porous areas, and weak points
  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT) will detect even the smallest flaws, finding flaws that could be missed by RT or other tests by using high frequencies to measure pipes externally and internally
  • Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) easily finds surface cracks and other imperfections in a cost-effective solution.
  • Dye Penetrant Testing (PT) by applying a strong dye to the pipes, then analyzing where the dye penetrates the pipe, making cracks and imperfections visible

Our technicians are ready and awaiting your call for NDT in Fort St. John and the surrounding area. Make sure your next trip to the Peace River or elsewhere goes uninterrupted with an assured examination from 20/20 NDT!

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