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Testing Pipelines: How Electromagnetic Testing Helps You

How Does Electromagnetic Testing Check Pipelines?

By covering a surface, in this case a pipe, with a ferrous solution, electromagnetic testing is able to uncover hidden corrosion, pitting, wall-loss, erosion, or cracking. The presence of any of these faults can lead to a minor leak. That doesn’t sound too daunting, until you see the millions of dollars to be spent on cleanup, not to mention wasted revenue from whatever was running through the pipes. Ensure your pipelines have no issues that could lead to a leak, have it inspected by 20/20NDT.

Why Should I Use Electromagnetic Testing on a Western Canadian Project Site?

The uses of this form of testing are as wide as the pipes we test. Primarily to detect surface-level erosion or cracks, electromagnetic testing can reveal what the human eye cannot see. Find the source of the problem before it becomes a real issue – with our detective work we can uncover possible problems before they ever progress to an irreversible disaster. Our work uses non-destructive testing to check out any structure, pipeline, or other implement, to find insufficient welds, pitting, corrosion, or other fault. Many of these cannot be prevented, only maintained. By having your production equipment examined by our professional technicians, you will be able to ensure the regular maintenance, or emergency repairs, of any area involved with your production. For example, if a piece of machinery were to be nearing failure without showing any signs, that could shut down your operation for days, even weeks. By having it inspected by 20/20NDT, you may uncover that the drill is fracturing internally, or hairline cracks are beginning to form on the cutting edge. Any of these issues could be dangerous for staff and crew, and costly for the business as a whole. Regular maintenance is the responsibility of the project manager, so to make sure your downtime is as minimal as possible, bring on 20/20NDT to find the problems before they have a chance to expand!

What are the Benefits of Electromagnetic Non-Destructive Testing on Pipelines?

There are many advantages to this form of non-destructive testing, where no contact is required with the unit under inspection. For starters, the ferrous solution can penetrate multiple layers of the pipeline, revealing the internals under the exterior layer of the pipe. The detail of the provided reports will show very small cracks internally or externally. Due to the liquid nature of the ferrous solution, we are able to perform inspections on areas that usually would not be accessible. Structures that would typically be outside the reachable area of the crew are now able to be coated and examined semi-remotely.

The need to quantify current and future faults or defects in pipelines is an omnipresent concern. There is never a moment where a pipe failure could be “acceptable” or an “affordable” loss. Having regular maintenance is only the first step in a prevention plan – the next step is regular inspections with non-destructive testing methods. Our crews our qualified, professional, and fully-trained to inspect, review, and report on any findings from a wide range of non-destructive testing methods. Among these, electromagnetic testing, proves to be an effective, resourceful, and versatile means to test the integrity of your pipelines.

From BC to Alberta, Fort St. John to Hinton, our professionals will perform Non-Destructive Testing on any structure, machinery, or pipeline involved in your operation.

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