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Piping systems are critical to many industries, and if the piping system fails, companies are looking at serious leaks, loss of product, and worse. Most people only recognize a problem with a piping system after something happens. By this point, there is already a minor leak or a major crack in a pipe that has started causing problems.

20/20 NDT Inspecting Pipeline Tie-ins Using Radiographic Inspection
20/20 NDT Inspecting Pipeline Using Radiographic Inspection

What if there was a way to prevent problems before they happened? 20/20 NDT Inc. has worked with our clients to create a system to catch problems before anything happens.

Ultrasonic testing in Grande Prairie is one of the methods that we use to perform corrosion and erosion inspections. Ultrasonic testing measures pipe wall loss, allows us to find pitting and pinholes, and detects damage. We provide all of the data collected in an easy-to-follow report so you can accurately determine the condition of your piping.

Let us walk you through each step of ultrasonic testing that Grande Prairie residents rely on:

  • We will set up a probe, receiver, transducer, and display devices.
  • The probe and receiver produce electrical pulses.
  • The transducer creates high frequency ultrasonic energy, which is transmitted in waves through the pipe material.
  • If there is a crack that creates discontinuity in the wave, that energy will reflect back and be displayed on the screen.
  • The reflected energy wave will provide data based on the reflected signal strength and the time of the signal generation. The signal provides information about the location, size, and thickness of the pipe.
20/20 NDT Shadow Shot Example
20/20 NDT Tank Inspection with Radiographic and Magnetic Particle Testings

Ultrasonic testing is a versatile and useful NDT method for construction workers and contractors. To schedule an appointment or to learn more about the ultrasonic testing process in Grande Prairie and Western Canada, call us at 1-866-930-6220.