Testing NDE Applications

Discover the Many Uses for NDT & NDE Across Western Canada

Non-destructive testing, or “NDT” for short, is used in a wide range of industrial settings, and for a variety of purposes. For most of our clients, the importance of NDT cannot be overstated – it is responsible for saving equipment, evaluating efficacy of structures and pipelines, or the assurance of safety on project sites. We will break down these points and more, as the applications of non-destructive testing are plentiful and essential for the aerospace, oil & gas, forestry, and construction industries particularly. Other fields stand to benefit from NDT as well, so this list will give ideas for the implementation of an NDT plan for whatever type of operation or equipment you have running.

Uses for NDT - Testing Pipeline | 20/20NDT

The Applications and Uses for NDT & NDE

There are many different techniques for applying NDT, and each is suited to a particular structure or equipment. Depending on the characteristics of the object being tested, NDT technicians are trained to employ the correct technique for the task. In doing so, technicians are able to reliably ascertain the integrity and capacity of equipment, without damaging or causing additional wear to said equipment.

For anyone using pipelines, NDT will look for the following issues:

  • Thinning pipe walls
  • Pitting and pinholes
  • Hairline cracks
  • Sand wash damage
  • Other corrosion or erosion

These hold parallels to the other uses for NDT when testing structures and equipment. Equipment such as vehicles, loaders, heaters, pumps, etc., NDT is able to evaluate the current operating condition of the equipment, as well as providing an idea of expected failure of the equipment. Having this information in hand, project managers are able to efficiently handle the replacement of equipment – much better than being called up on your vacation to hear that an essential piece of equipment has broken out of the blue. Being prepared, and having the information to be prepared, are a big part of our business at 20/20 NDT.

Uses for NDT - Testing Pipeline | 20/20NDT

2020 NDT: Servicing Equipment and Structures Across Western Canada

The beauty of non-destructive testing is its ability to be used on so many different objects, varying in size, weight, complexity, and accessibility. This trait means that NDT is able to be performed on every step of construction, every piece involved, and each piece of equipment being used on a job site, or in active use.


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