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If you use Valleyview, Alberta, as a base for your industrial operations, you will be glad to know that we offer full mobile X-ray inspection and other non-destructive testing at your location.

Unsafe welds and joins that can’t stand up to pressure lead to costly work stoppages that should never happen. When your company depends on you to keep systems up and running, stay ahead of quality problems with X-ray or NDT testing on your physical structures.

Why Do Industrial Companies Use These Techniques?

Leading-edge industries in Alberta use NDT inspection as a way to focus on quality assurance rather than just quality control. Prioritizing assurance is an aggressive approach to monitoring; it doesn’t rely on post-production checks or accidental blowouts to show you where there are problems in your system. Instead, you will confirm quality as you go along, before your fittings blow or your high-capacity storage containers leak.

The elimination of mistakes is a central feature of quality assurance. There is a way to know in advance where problems are located. X-ray testing is the ideal way to know what’s going on without interrupting your worksite. As non-invasive testing specialists in Western Canada, our technicians know how to get the images necessary to allow for proper evaluation of structure condition.

Radiography Eliminates Production Mistakes

Non-Destructive testing techniques are critical for preventing fabrication problems in many industries:

  • Oil and gas – pressurized pipelines, holding tanks, platforms, etc.
  • Aerospace – airframe welds, structural integrity, engine welds and machined parts
  • Offshore industries – drilling platforms, welds in extreme temperatures and marine conditions
  • Power-generation industries – turbine plants, nuclear plants, wind turbine structures and parts
  • Waste management
  • Transportation
  • And many more


Lax quality assurance on your worksite can lead to porous welds on pipelines, holding containers, physical structures, machined parts and other elements of your setup. Some of the costs that can result:

  • Production stoppage
  • HAZMAT cleanup
  • Pipe or container drainage for welding
  • Labour costs for re-welds
  • Time and labour costs for second inspections

Our Services in Valleyview, Alberta

We are primed to serve the public and private sectors from our post at the gateway to the Peace region, at the junction of highways 43 and 49. This places us at the hub of northern oil patches and along the main artery to the Alaskan Highway.

We offer flexibility and maximum availability for our clients. We can come to your worksite and conduct radiographic inspections without requiring you to stop production or having to take anything apart. Thanks to NDT, your projects can continue as normal because you have access to critical data about structural conditions.

If a mobile unit is unavailable at Valleyview, we will immediately dispatch a team of technicians from our primary location in Grande Prairie. Call us at 1-866-930-6220 to arrange X-ray testing and prevent problems before they arise.

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