Testing Grande Prairie

20/20 NDT Technicians in Action – Weld Inspection

We can help your business through a weld inspection. Our NDT CECO does exposures on fabrication welding.


Here we have a 20/20 NDT CEDO performing exposures on fabrication welding at a facility in Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Weld Inspection Grande Prairie

Weld Inspection Grande Prairie

20/20 NDT Radiographic Testing on Welded Fabrication near Grande Prairie, Alberta

For more information on how 20/20 NDT can help your business through a weld inspection, as well as other methods of non-destructive testing, call us at 1-866-930-6220 or visit our contact page today!
We provide service for clients in Grande Prairie, Fort St. John, Peace River, Dawson Creek, and surrounding areas in British Columbia and Alberta.